What we treat

Backache (including sciatica)

Chiropractic provides a long term, successful solution for sufferers of back pain. And is recognised as the most physically and cost effective treatment of back pain.

Headaches (including migraines)

Chiropractic treats the cause of the pain, not just the pain itself. And is the safe and sensible alternative to painkillers.

Neck Pain

Your neck supports the weight and movement of your head. Chiropractic ensures your neck keeps doing its job properly and pain free.


Chiropractic focuses on the root of the problem and goes beyond what may or may not be revealed on an X-ray.

Sporting Injuries (including sprains and strains)

Chiropractic ensures a faster and more effective recovery after a sports injury. And is often the preferred therapy by top sports people.

Pregnancy-related backache

Chiropractic helps appreciate your pregnancy and enjoy the changes your body is experiencing.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Chiropractic takes the edge off getting old and provides natural pain relief for arthritis and other joint pain problems.

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